“2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences, ICMMAS’19”.


Chairman of the Conference

Vladimir Vasilyev

Belgorod State University, Russia

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About ICMMAS'19

We are pleased to announce that Belgorod State University (BSU) organizes the “2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modelling in Applied Sciences, ICMMAS’19”, to be held at BSU, Belgorod-Russia, during August 20-24, 2019.

Its first version, named as ICMMAS’17, was held at SPbPU, Saint Petersburg-Russia in July 24-28, 2017. The evaluation committee within a meeting headed by Prof. V. Antonov and including Prof. A. Debbouche, Prof. D. Baleanu, Prof. S. Capozziello, Prof. V.E. Fedorov, Prof. W. Sprößig, Prof. D.F.M. Torres and Prof. I. Area witnessed the success of the scientific event providing some positive facts, and heartily recommended to repeat it every two years.

The ICMMAS’19 conference is aimed to attract and bring together experts, researchers and postgraduate students on Mathematical and Computational Modelling in several fields of Science, Technology and Engineering, such as theoretical and computational aspects in Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Biology, Economics, and other sciences, from the entire world in order to discuss high level scientific questions, exchange solid knowledge of pure and applied sciences, and investigate diverse backgrounds, theoretically and practically.

This scientific event will bring together more than 200 internationally distinguished speakers and exhibitors from around the world. We trust that recent and cutting-edge concepts will be presented within this international meeting between all the participants. This event will provide an excellent forum to discover the cutting-edge directions on Mathematical and Computational Modelling. In a nut-shell, ICMMAS’19 conference will provide a perfect atmosphere to discover new and original results as well as potential applications in Mathematical Modelling and Applied Mathematics.

The proposed Scientific Program of the conference will include plenary lectures, contributed oral talks, poster sessions and listeners. Any suggested special session/mini-symposium will be under review by the scientific committee. The areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Models Based on Analytical, Numerical and Experimental Solutions,
  • Mathematical Modelling involving time fractional PDEs
  • Biological Systems and Cancer Dynamics,
  • Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Applications,
  • Integral Equations and Integral Transforms,
  • Uncertainty Quantification in Mathematical Modelling,
  • Control Theory, Optimization and their Applications,
  • Probability, Statistics and Numerical Analysis,
  • Inverse Problems: Modelling and Simulation,
  • Modern Fractional Dynamic Systems and Applications,
  • Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering,
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Fractal Medium.

The conference will be organized in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, Belgorod. It is a city and administrative center of Oblast region, western Russia. Located near the Russia-Ukraine border, Belgorod lies along the upper Donets River where it is crossed by the Moscow-Kharkiv (Ukraine) and Sumy–Donets Basin railways. Archaeological finds indicate the existence of a settlement on the site in the 10th century. First mentioned in 1237, it was founded in 1593 as a fortress, becoming the key stronghold in the elaborate Belgorod defensive line set up in 1635–58 to protect Russia’s southern frontier against Tatar attack. It maintained its military and administrative significance until the late 18th century. Modern Belgorod has a range of light-engineering, building-materials (chalk and slate), cement, and food-processing industries, as well as technical and pedagogical institutes. Pop. (2005 est.) 340, 943.

Due to the limited number of hotel rooms, we kindly recommend you to make your registration and confirmation before the end of June 2019, so that we can book for you with appropriate prices. Otherwise, the local organizing committee cannot guarantee your preferences regarding accommodations.

We kindly invite you to participate with us in this enriching and socially exciting scientific event, which will attract the attention of many scientists and participants.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Belgorod, Russia, this August 2019.